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Ladies Kickboxing / Self Defense

Why Women Should Learn Self Defense

Women find themselves at a greater risk for becoming a victim of violent crime.
Therefore, Self defense is important because statistics say that women are more likely to become victims of violent crime. According to statistics, a woman who is only 21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering violent crime in her life.¬†Self defense is therefore a MUST, when a woman’s safety is in danger.

Benefits of Kickboxing / Self Defense for Women

Kickboxing provides for an overall cardiovascular workout that aids in weight loss.It also helps to tone the overall body through a series of punching, kicking and various other movements. Women find kickboxing allows them to receive a cardio and resistance workout at the same time. Learning the simple self defense techniques will also increase your confidence and self esteem.

Total-Body Exercise

Kickboxing for women is a total-body exercise. Kickboxing will work out the entire body and not just target areas. Kickboxing allows for women to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. Since kickboxing is a total-body workout, women will also increase flexibility, burn calories, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness.

Self Defense

Kickboxing for women can be used as a means of self defense. During kickboxing classes, the instructor focuses on teaching kicks, punches, blocks and counters. Participants doing kickboxing also learn how to gauge distance when landing punches and kicks. Simple locks, holds and restraints learnt in a structured manner. These techniques you will be able to put into practice in a real situation.

Stress Relief

Kickboxing can be used as a form of stress relief as well. With stress, it produces enzymes that lower the amount of endorphins. During kickboxing and various other types of exercise, endorphin’s are released in the body that relieve pain and aid in decreasing depression.

Weight Loss

Women taking part in kickboxing have dropped two dress sizes in just 8 weeks of training. Overall kickboxing is a great way of getting fit, toned, and staying in shape.