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Senshi Freestyle Kickboxing

Senshi Martial Arts (Syallabus & Self Defence) Minimum age 3

Learn martial arts under a structured syllabus at your own pace. Learn from beginner to black belt, the syllabus covers all the best aspects from Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Taekwondo and Judo. To pass your belts you must undertake a grading examinination the dates of which  are preset, so it gives every student targets to aim for to pass their belts. Grading examinations are taken by an independent qualified examiner.You do not have to do your gradings to take part in these classes.  We also have a fitness element within the classes which results in weight loss and toning. This consists of CV and core strength exercises. This is a basic introduction to fitness.

Other elements covered within the class are self defence, strong discipline, proper etiquette, coordination, flexibility and balance.

After passing their first belt (adults) and second belt (juniors) students are introduced to practical self defence.  This is a great way  to put into practise the moves they have learnt with other students. Learning how to block and counter and all other basic aspects of self defence. All safety equipment must be worn when sparring. This is great fun and will increase your confidence.

Here we install the WINNING ATTITUDE mentally and physically.

Our aim is to help develop and progress all students to achieve their black belt.



Kully Sunda – 5th Dan Instructor