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Personal Training

Personal Training 

Shared / Mini Group Personal Training sessions details.

Shared PT sessions involve the trainer with between one to four clients being taken through a personal training session together.

1 on 1 Pt sessions gives that increased focused approach and personal attention to help you achieve results faster.

But with small group personal training you can still experience the same benefits with the added motivation of what is normally 1 or 2 other likeminded people in the class with you.

A lot of people prefer to work in a small group as its great for motivation and morale, but you are not just a number buried in a packed class – numbers are always restricted to a maximum of 3 other people in the room at any one time so the trainer can give you the attention and help you need to train effectively and safely.

Our PT can adjust the programme to suit all levels and a lot of the time you won’t be doing the same exercise as the other people in your group. We always do a consultation call before your first session and if you are training with us regularly this is a free ongoing service to keep on top of how best to help you reach your goals and then move onto the next one.

PT sessions with just a few other people being coached at the same time, also helps keep personal training cost much lower than the standard model in the packed commercial gyms all over the UK.

In our sessions the gym is exclusive so no one walking around the gym or watching you while you train.

We do also offer 1 on 1 sessions (which can be shared with a partner or friend) if you wanted to keep your sessions more private or specific if you are maybe recovering from a serious injury where your session needs to be personalised and tailored to help you recover and avoid any new injury.

No Membership required.

Free Car parking

Single PT session £30

Bring a friend for free or use this to half your cost.

Discount available for regular training packages

Shared PT Timetable (All pre booked to ensure numbers)

Monday:  9.30am,  10.30am,  4.30pm,  5.30pm

Tuesday:  9.30am,  10.30am,  4.30pm,  5.30pm

Wednesday:  9.30am,  10.30am,  4.30pm,  5.30pm,  6.30pm

Thursday:  8am,  9.30am,  10.30am 

Sunday: 10am

To book a 1 on 1 please get in touch via our Facebook page or drop us a line – 07399577774